Overbye is a leading EPA SmartWay partner

Overbye’s OverRide system, recognized by SmartWay, is green trucking at its best!

Overbye Transport’s patented OverRide system helps us gain extra points in the eyes of SmartWay, plus earns us recognition from our customers!  OverRide is responsible for a huge carbon footprint reduction since we can typically double load capacity in a trailer, greatly reduce our customers’ packaging needs, and save time and fuel normally used in loading and unloading a trailer.  Plus, the aluminum we use in our OverRide systems is lightweight and recyclable.

At Overbye Transport, green trucking is a daily practice
Green trucking really means something at Overbye Transport.  We believe it’s our responsibility to promote and practice sustainable methods of reducing the carbon footprint on the environment.

A Leading Smart Way (EPA) partner
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) initiated a program called SmartWay to advocate green transport concepts.  To measure how “green” trucking companies actually are, SmartWay gives a rating to trucking companies based on specific criteria.   Some transport companies pay just a little attention to green trucking, but at Overbye, we consider it a priority – and not just for our fleet, but for our facilities and our office as well.

How Overbye earns its SmartWay rating
In general, trucking companies that partner with SmartWay are dedicated to not only reducing fuel and emissions, but to practicing a wide range of other sustainable methods of reducing carbon footprint.  For example, at Overbye Transport we’re committed to the most efficient routing miles, fitting more freight into our trailers, using low-resistance tires on our trailers, encouraging our owner-operator contractors to reduce idling and use auxiliary power units in their tractors, and working with our customers to reduce packaging.

Our office and plant practices are also green
At Overbye, green trucking also carries over to our office and our facilities, where we are constantly finding ways to save energy, use eco-friendly products and efficient lighting, and recycle everything that’s recyclable – from paper and cardboard to steel and aluminum parts.

SmartWay is a way of life at Overbye!
Overbye Transport is proud to be a leading SmartWay partner.  We continually strive to improve our sustainable practices on the road and in our facilities and we keep up to date on the latest sustainable products, methods and tools to make for a greener environment.  When it comes to green trucking, Overbye Transport ranks as one of the best in its class.

SmartWay is evolving
In 2011, SmartWay evolved into its “2.0” level, offering a new evaluation tool called FLEET, which stands for Fleet Logistics Efficiency & Emissions Tracking which focuses more on total operations for trucking firms and less on specific equipment choices.

Today more than 2,000 truck carriers participate in SmartWay, with an additional 500 third-party logistics providers as participants also.

Overbye Transport continues to participate in SmartWay and to encourage its owner operators to pay close attention to the “green” side of trucking.


Owner operators: Full truckloads, plenty of hauls, and our OverRide system are just a few good reasons to contract with Overbye.

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Overbye Transport is a Proud SmartWay Partner.

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GREEN TRANSPORT! Overbye is a leading SmartWay partner.