Overbye Transport Focuses on Safety, Always! Here at Overbye we continually remind our owner operators to drive safely. Yes, our contractors are very safe operators but still, we always give them tips and reminders.  Some of our tips are communicated via our monthly newsletter.  Here are a couple tips from our September, 2011 newsletter: BACK TO SCHOOL!  BE ALERT FOR BUSES AND KIDS Be on the lookout for school buses early mornings and late afternoons especially on rural roads; stay back, give them lots of room to load and unload their special cargo.  In bad weather, poor visibility, slow way down on rural roads and be aware that school buses may be out there and difficult to see.  If possible, stay off the highway until the weather breaks and visibility improves, don’t take any chances! IT’S FALL HARVEST TIME! When traveling rural highways, be aware of the very large, slow-moving farm machinery, trucks and other equipment that are out there being operated by farmers who are eager to get their crops to market.  They may not be thinking about highway safety so help protect them by operating in a safe manner and by driving defensively.  They often make sudden turns and other unexpected maneuvers.  If you must pass one, make sure the road is clear and that the vehicle you are passing isn’t planning to turn in front of you.  Be prepared!]]>