… for our patented OverRide decking system OK, we have all sizes and types of trucking owner operator / independent contractors here at Overbye (actually, we’re an all owner operator company). We also operate, in many of our trailers, a decking system that we invented called OverRide:         OverRide is designed to transport rolling stock, such as ATVs.  Our contractors use the ramps you see here to drive the stock onto the top tier, and onto the bottom deck.  Well, owner operators of all heights use OverRide — but if you’re 6-feet tall or under, it’s easier for you to duck your head as you drive in! So if you’re an owner operator looking to haul something different, and especially if you’re under 6-feet, go HERE to see how to contact us, and see too the many benefits of signing on with Overbye Transport!]]>