Have you ever wondered how some drivers keep their trucks so clean?  Have you ever wondered how some guys have all the “luck” with their truck?  Have you ever just wanted to ask, “How do you do that?”   Well, this is a guy who knows.  Dale K is an owner operator who has been with Overbye Transport since the beginning in June of 1999.  His tractor number is 019, or as Dale calls himself, “Old 19”.  If you ever get a chance to pick his brain one on one, I would surely encourage it; he KNOWS how to do all the things asked above.   Dale came to Overbye Transport shortly after purchasing his 1998 Kenworth T2000.  To this day he is still driving that same rig with a list of original parts.  Those parts include transmission, rear differential, injection pump, power steering pump, and U joints.  That is something he is very proud of.  When Dale was asked what makes you a successful Owner Operator?  Dale said, “A lot of it is due to the maintenance I do on my truck.”  He tries to change the oil every 15K miles using 15w40 oil (Walmart brand) on his truck and adds a gallon of Lucas oil as well. He also greases the U-joints every 5K miles.  Old 19 says, “The key for maintenance is to find a mechanic that is reasonable and does a lot for your money”.  He really watches the prices at the fuel pump too.  Dale uses the fuel discounts Overbye Transport has set up with TA’s and Petro’s.  Those are either a cost plus or retail minus, whichever is a greater discount applies.  He likes the loads with more stops.  “Those loads pay me more and allow me to drive a little less.”  His key to fuel savings is in all of the trucks…and it is called, “cruise control”.  Not only does this help on fuel it also prevents speeding tickets!  Along with these tips, Dale says, “I always try to be courteous at the shipper, receiver and with other drivers on the road”.  Dale has logged more than 1.4 million miles with his ’98 Kenworth so far. Where does this knowledge come from?  Dale is from Minnesota and grew up on a farm and started driving all sorts of farm equipment as a youngster.   He said, “That background helped me to be a mechanic and maintenance guy for my rig.  On the farm, you learn to maintain and fix just about anything.” In Dales early years of being a truck driver he was a company driver for a while.  Dale said, “He never looks back at becoming an owner operator, and he is glad that he made the move to come over to Overbye Transport.   Overbye always gives me choices in terms of where I run and I like the way they treat me.  They are flexible, helpful and fair. And I can be home just about anytime I want.”  Dale has run all 48 states. Overbye Transport is proud to have Dale as an owner operator.  Ryan Overbye, the company’s vice president of sales and marketing, says “Dale is a great guy.  He is reliable and he has a good attitude. Plus, his safety record is remarkable.”]]>