Looking for an Owner Operator Trucking Opportunity? Have a look at these testimonials from some of our Owner Operators.

These owner operators were asked, “Please tell us what you like about being an owner operator with Overbye Transport.”

“I don’t think of my job as a job anymore. It’s fun to come to work here, it’s no longer a chore. I like the people that work there, they care and want to help if there’s a problem. The trailers are in good working order, or they’re promptly repaired. All my questions have been answered, when I ask the question. Thanks for caring.”  – Tim, Tennessee

“In 45 years as an owner-operator, Overbye Transport is the friendliest and best company I’ve ever leased to. Their dispatchers are not only friendly, but also empathic and understanding. To them I’m a person, not just a truck number. They realize delays and breakdowns occur and they work with me to find solutions. They recognize the importance of family and ensure I have quality time to spend with my family. Overbye Transport is not just another leasing company, but instead they are my business partners, and I consider them a part of my extended family.”  – Rod, Minnesota

“I like the freedom you allow us. Choosing our loads, getting us home when we want/need to, and letting us stay home as long as we need. You are a true owner/operator company. Also, our dispatchers are wonderful compared to ANY other company I’ve been with. It is very important to have nice, respectful dispatchers. The office staff is very nice also. You have a great family ‘feel’, and it makes my job less stressful. Also, very approachable if there are concerns that I may have. Hope that helps! :-)”  – Dan, Minnesota

“So far so good like you have a good customer base, not like them j.b hunt and werner co’s. Your good freight customers must be loyal because you have had them a long time and I call that good customer rapport. And you have a good freight sector.” – Dan, Ohio

“I Like everything . It’s like family!” – Ruvim, Minnesota

“Team feeling. Accurate paper work. Prompt payment!”  – Darold, Minnesota

“Freedom of choice.”  – Pete, Wisconsin

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“Everyone at Overbye Transport is very friendly. You call talk to anyone there.”  – Ross, South Dakota

“Like the atmosphere. I like the way I’m always treated. Always friendly and always treated with respect. I like the choice of loads when when going outbound.”  – Brian, Wisconsin

“Honest.”  – Keith, Wisconsin

“I like the fact that they dispatch you, then they turn you free to do your job & don’t bother you. You make your daily check call and deliver your loads & look after the equipment, report any repairs needed and go onto next load when the paper work is completed & turned in.”  – Tim, Minnesota

“Get to choose loads that you want; Feels like I am my own CEO and gets the respect of being a business owner. It allows me to keep my own records and be more responsible.”  – Darrell, Alabama

“We enjoy Marty and Russ’s sarcasm. We appreciate the honesty of appropriate billing costs on insurance, road taxes, etc. Without ‘padding’ the bill. Small company—–NO QUALCOM.”  –  Doug, Minnesota


“The way drivers are treated like people.”  – Garrett, Florida

“The laid back atmosphere and ability to talk to whoever you need to at any time. And the way they work with you on any problems you may have.”  – Rick, Georgia

“It has a good location. Good freight rates. I have been treated very well. I also feel like I’m part of the company.”  – Don, Minnesota

“I love the way they work with me on my particular problems in life most. The deck freight is a fantastic way to make my own business (log book) work. Most of all the customers are glad to see me arrive and happy to see their product roll off the truck.”  – Bill, Kentucky

“The office personnel. The loads. The equipment.”  – Paul, Georgia

 These owner operators were asked, “What would you tell other owner operators who are looking into contracting with Overbye?”

“Good company to work for. Light loads. Direct deposit, you know what your weekly deductions are and no surprises.”  – Paul, Georgia

“Know you by name, not a number. Friendly.”  – Rick, Georgia

“The company will work with you. The freight is light and hardly any wait at loading or unloading. A good fuel system to help you with your business and 25% broker freight. Their tire program helps your business. You don’t have to worry about getting paid.”  – Bill, Kentucky

“It is an awesome company.”  – Garrett, Florida

“That they can get plenty of miles, and most of the time you choose the loads.”  – Stewart, Florida